Log from start through 6/15/15

Caity sees grandmother who reports on weird disappearances – homeless guy, pets, neighborhood children
neighbourhood boy never arrived home
area is transitional area between industrial and residential, has petty crime
has small amount of active gangs
no particular frequency to attacks, but uptick in general malaise
astral plane tour: bad vibe by industrial area
thermal vision lights up
company in the area: Shining-Morning Inc
seems boring, basic, red brick factory
tour at night
Caity sees a small being pop out of sewers, pop back in
Johnny sees on thermovision neighborhood cats
I notice lonely sewer grate that seems noticeable
in sewer
small warm things have gone through here
Caity finds a large thing on the astral plane
down branching corridor
thing roars
I throw flash grenade
Johnny chops its shoulder
we kill it, enormous mutant troll humanoid with thick chitonous patches
pile = victims’ belongings
sticks: 601, 103 creds
backpack w/schoolbooks
ladder in corner of troll thing’s lair, Johnny goes up it, has dirty secretions that fade as it goes up

returns safe to ABK
wait 1 hr
meet grizzled older man Mr. Johnson
new plan: break into Shining-Morning Inc
have generic corporate rival to pin it on
Keith tries to get job at SM, fails but we find out:
sandwich place next door
fancy catering place doing catering
Johnny goes to interview catering place
we get several bottles including sample, George seen on camera
meeting Johnson at safe place bar

set in Chicago
inner loop has been taken up by corporate megopolis ABK– food/biotech merged
we all live in outer loop
start seeing flyers advertising jobs, no money listed, has recruiting event planned
Keith: Malcolm Kohen, troll, 9.5 ft, Caribbean, wears faded buttonup “blue collar that made it”, is bouncer at The Burnt Fuse,
Johnny: James Cannon, human, muscular, greasy
George: Kallisto Cai, cybertech eyes, rockstar
Caity: Sammy Noname, 1st gen elf, has dwarf brother, attractive
me: Ekatrina Tokka, wears black from bouncing job, writes in notebook in Russian
at recruiting event, we get pulled in as a group
ABK Company recruiting “different skills”, odd hours, assembling teams to do a task, go to ADDRESS and retrieve item, “will know it when we see it”
location: Japanese restaurant
James doesn’t know any fishmongers who would deliver here, health inspector hasn’t been by lately
Kallisto thinks this is from the aftermath of a gang fight, hacked up
me: this place is oddly devoid of gang sign, neutral territory? Hiding traces? Recent repainting/repairs
has lots of surveillance cameras
Kallisto asks for special, they attack us
I grab safe from break room


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